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NMR-Based Pharmacometabonomics

Pharmacometabonomics by NMR spectroscopy is an important technique in biology and precision medicine. It refers to the quantification and analysis of metabolite produced by the body; enable us to evaluate the metabolism of a medicine and to better understand its phamacokinetic profile. The changes in metabolite profile are interpreted as a consequence of an intervention; therefore, NMR spectroscopy can be used for metabolite detection, quantification and identification technology in cancer and drug metabolism research.

Analytical capabilities of NMR in Pharmacometabonomics

  • Powerful structure elucidation capability for metabolites in solution
  • Quantitative analysis capability
  • High-throughput form of sample analysis
  • Minmal sample preparation and direct measurement of biological samples
  • Sample can be completely recoverd after analysis

Data analysis workflow for NMR-based metabonomics experiments

  1. NMR experimental condition optimization including checking resolution, lineshape and water suppression quality
  2. Spectroscopic data pre-processing using software, such as baseline correction, assignments
  3. Multivariate statistical data analysis to determine biomarkers

NMR-based pharmacometabonomics has been applied to prediction of pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, and drug efficacy. Specific samples accepted are urine, serum, plasma, and other biofluid samples.

Supported by dozens of scientists with extensive experience in NMR spectroscopy, Creative Biostructure aims to help scientists with solving a scientific or clinical problem with NMR-based pharmacometabonomics approach. Please feel free to consult with us through online inquiry.

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