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Virus Like Particles (VLPs) Products

Creative Biostructure provides virus-like particles (VLPs) containing high concentrations of specific membrane proteins in their native conformation. VLPs capture conformationally-intact membrane proteins directly from the cell surface, enabling these complex proteins to be manipulated as soluble proteins. Our VLPs are produced with specified membrane proteins on a custom basis, or are available from a selected catalog of ReadyVLPs. Sample kits are also available for purchase for preliminary application testing.


VLPs provide an alternative to living cells, membrane preparations, and detergent-solubilized proteins by offering concentrated membrane proteins in their native conformation. VLPs are used throughout drug and antibody discovery and characterization, and have been integrated into a wide variety of existing platforms.

  • Immunization for antibody elicitation
  • Phage and yeast display
  • Antibody screening by ELISA
  • Kinetic analysis of antibody binding by biosensor
  • Radioligand and fluorescent binding assays

Ready VLPs

Class Targets Description Catalog No.  
GPCR α2A-ARC Adrenoceptor CBS-V001 Inquiry
ß2A-ARN,C Adrenoceptor CBS-V002 Inquiry
CaS ReceptorC Calcium Sensing CBS-V003 Inquiry
CCR1C Chemokine CBS-V004 Inquiry
CCR2b Chemokine CBS-V005 Inquiry
hCCR5C Chemokine CBS-V006 Inquiry
mCCR5C Chemokine CBS-V007 Inquiry
rhCCR5C Chemokine CBS-V008 Inquiry
CCR6C Chemokine CBS-V009 Inquiry
CCR10N,C Chemokine CBS-V010 Inquiry
CXCR2 Chemokine CBS-V011 Inquiry
CXCR3 Chemokine CBS-V012 Inquiry
CXCR4C Chemokine CBS-V013 Inquiry
CXCR7C Chemokine CBS-V014 Inquiry
mCXCR4 Chemokine CBS-V015 Inquiry
GLP-1RC Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Receptor CBS-V016 Inquiry
GCGRC Glucagon Receptor CBS-V017 Inquiry
GAL1 ReceptorC Neuropeptide Receptor CBS-V018 Inquiry
5-HT2C Serotonin Receptor CBS-V019 Inquiry
FZD4C Wnt Pathway CBS-V020 Inquiry
Ion Channel HV1C Voltage Gated H+ CBS-V021 Inquiry
TRPC4N Nonspecific Cation Channel CBS-V022 Inquiry
TRPM4 Nonspecific Cation Channel CBS-V023 Inquiry
K2P1.1C Potassium Channel CBS-V024 Inquiry
K2P4.1C Potassium Channel CBS-V025 Inquiry
P2X2C ATP Purinoceptor CBS-V026 Inquiry
RTK ALK2C Activin Receptor CBS-V027 Inquiry
1-TM ACVR1 Activin A Receptor, Type 1 CBS-V028 Inquiry
CD19C B-Cell Activation CBS-V029 Inquiry
CD27C B-Cell Activation CBS-V030 Inquiry
DC-SIGNC Lectin CBS-V031 Inquiry
DC-SIGNR Lectin CBS-V032 Inquiry
LRP6C Wnt Pathway CBS-V033 Inquiry
hTL1A TNF Ligand CBS-V034 Inquiry
mTL1A TNF Ligand CBS-V035 Inquiry
DR5 TNF-family Receptor CBS-V036 Inquiry
ST2L IL-1 Receptor Family CBS-V037 Inquiry
4-TM CD81 Hepatitis C Attachment CBS-V038 Inquiry
CD20 B-Cell Activation CBS-V039 Inquiry
Claudin-1 Tight Junction CBS-V040 Inquiry
Claudin-3 Tight Junction CBS-V041 Inquiry
Claudin-4 Tight Junction CBS-V042 Inquiry
Claudin-6 Tight Junction CBS-V043 Inquiry
Transporter ABCA1 ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter CBS-V044 Inquiry
GLUT1 Glucose Transporter CBS-V045 Inquiry
GLUT4 Glucose Transporter CBS-V046 Inquiry
Virus Antigens Influenza M2 A/Udorn/307/1972 Ion Channel CBS-V047 Inquiry
Influenza M2 A/HK/156/1997C Ion Channel CBS-V048 Inquiry
RSV-FC Respiratory Syncytial Virus CBS-V049 Inquiry
Chikungunya VirusC Viral Envelope CBS-V050 Inquiry
HCV E1C Viral Envelope CBS-V051 Inquiry
HCV E2C Viral Envelope CBS-V052 Inquiry
Ross River Virus Viral Envelope CBS-V053 Inquiry
Ebola Virus Structural Proteins, Nucleoprotein, Glycoprotein and Matrix Protein CBS-V054 Inquiry
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV GP120 Protein CBS-V055 Inquiry
Influenza A Virus Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase CBS-V056 Inquiry
Oropouche Virus Nucleoprotein CBS-V057 Inquiry
Parvovirus VP2 Protein CBS-V058 Inquiry
Vaccinia Virus Viral Envelope CBS-V059 Inquiry
Japanese Encephalitis Virus NS1 Protein CBS-V060 Inquiry
Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus NS1 Protein CBS-V061 Inquiry
Usutu Virus NS1 Protein CBS-V062 Inquiry
Zika Virus E, prM/M Proteins CBS-V063 Inquiry
Adenovirus Type 40 and Type 5 Hexon Protein CBS-V064 Inquiry
Astrovirus Type 1 CBS-V065 Inquiry
Cytomegalovirus Glycoprotein B (gB) CBS-V066 Inquiry
Dengue Virus Serotype 1, 2, 3 CBS-V067 Inquiry
Herpes Simplex Virus HSV-2 Particles CBS-V068 Inquiry
West Nile Virus NS1 Protein CBS-V069 Inquiry
Yellow Fever Virus NS1 Protein CBS-V070 Inquiry

Epitope tags: N=amino terminal, C=carboxy terminal
Lipoparticles can be modified with (B) Biotin or (F) Fluorescence

Creative Biostructure holds good stocks of all our antigens to ensure a rapid delivery service worldwide. Using our optimized production process, custom VLPs are engineered to incorporate high concentrations of specified membrane proteins. This process includes optimization of membrane protein expression and incorporation. We like to be in touch with our customers so please feel free to contact us for a formal quote.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process