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MagHelix™ Natural Products Identification and Production Services

Specialists from Creative Biostructure can provide patentable MagHelix™ natural products identification and production services that possess the desired properties of their counterparts in the market. Natural products are a source of chemical diversity and are an ideal starting point for most screening programs for pharmacologically active small molecules. Most notably, natural products have been the most successful source for drug discovery.

MagHelix? Natural Products

The biosynthetic pathways for natural products production are described below:

  • Photosynthesis or gluconeogenesis - from monosaccharides to polysaccharides (cellulose, chitin, glycogen etc.)
  • Acetate pathway - fatty acids and polyketides.
  • Shikimate pathway - aromatic amino acids and phenylpropanoids.
  • Mevalonate pathway and methyletrythritol phosphate pathway - terpenoids and steroids.
  • Amino acids - alkaloids.

Natural products can be extracted from thetissues, cells and secretions of microorganisms, animals, and plants. A crude extract from any one of these biological sources will contain a wide range of structurally diverse and often novel chemical compounds. Chemical diversity in nature is based on biological diversity. Pharmacognosy can offer the tools to identify, select and process natural products destined for drug discovery. Usually, the natural product compound has some form of biological activity and that compound is known as the active principle - such a structure can evolve to become a discovery "lead". In this and related methods, some current medicines are obtained directly from natural sources.

Identify Lead Candidates for Important Targets from Natural Products
Creative Biostructure can identify drug candidates/nutrients with therapeutic pharmacological effects from food products, and have built a solid IP platform to be used during the early stage research. In addition, our partners and network suppliers cover every aspect of natural products, able to satisfy your various demands.

Both in-house information on bioactivity and external data drawn from scientific literature are available, covering all relevant fields and biological sources that you may be interested in. Our services of natural products are shown as below:
->Natural Product Analysis &Database Investigation;
->Natural product screening in vivo;
->Active Ingredient Isolation, Identification and Analysis;
->Future Development.

Creative Biostructure supplies the following MagHelix™ in vitro assay services that will benefit your projects:
Assay Development

  • Assay Technologies

Library Design and Screening

  • Targets
  • Targeted diseases
  • Library screening

Hit to Lead

  • Hit evaluation and lead identification
  • Mode of action
  • X-ray Crystallography
  • Customized NMR Services

ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity) Modeling and Profilling

Natural Products

Creative Biostructure can provide various custom MagHelix™ drug discovery services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed information.

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