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Mempro™ Plant-Based Alpha/Beta-Ηydrolase Production

Creative Biostructure has built up the comprehensive membrane protein production platform through many years of experience, our scientists can offer custom Mempro™ alpha/beta-hydrolase production services using plant-based expression system.

Alpha/beta-hydrolases are a superfamily of structurally related enzymes with diverse catalytic functions. Members of this superfamily share a specific domain termed alpha/beta-hydrolase fold, which is an alpha/beta-sheet containing eight beta strands connected by six alpha helices. The alpha/beta-hydrolase fold can be found in numerous enzymes which do not share obvious sequence similarity. These enzymes that have alpha/beta-hydrolase fold include acetylcholinesterase, lipase, dienelactone hydrolase, epoxide hydrolase, hydroxynitrile lyase, proline iminopeptidase, thioesterase, serine carboxypeptidase, haloperoxidase, haloalkane dehalogenase, proline oligopeptidase and others.

Mempro™ Plant-Based Alpha/Beta-Ηydrolase Production Figure 1. The structural model of alpha/beta-hydrolase fold.

Creative Biostructure has rich professional experience in high-quality alpha/beta-hydrolase production based on plant-based expression system, our proprietary Mempro™ plant-based membrane protein production platform can produce animal-free, low endotoxin, and low protease activity recombinant membrane proteins based on various types of host plants, such as Nicotiana benthamiana (tobacco), Medicago rativa (alfalfa), Arabidopsis thaliana (A. thaliana), potato, maize, barley and lettuce. It is well known that recombinant membrane proteins expressed by this system are free of animal components, serum, endotoxins and antibiotics as well as human or animal infectious agents or other endogenous mammalian contamination. Notably, plant-derived membrane protein production platform has lots of significant advantages, such as cost-effective, high yield, easy storage and distribution, friendly environment, and free of infectious or toxic contaminants.

With the Mempro™ plant-based protein production platform, Creative Biostructure is capable of expressing, isolating, purifying and crystallizing alpha/beta-hydrolases to facilitate the study of their biological functions. Our plant-based expression system can best preserve the native conformation of alph/beta-hydrolases. Additionally, misfolding, aggregation, inactivity, poor stability, high endotoxin and solubility, etc. are the common difficulties encountered in cell-based expression system. Strikingly, these difficulties can be bypassed in the renewed plant-based expression system.

Creative Biostructure can also provide Mempro™ plant-based virus-like particles (VLPs) production services, Mempro™ animal-free recombinant protein production services and Mempro™ membrane protein production services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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