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The List of Kinases at Creative Biostructure

Kinases are a type of enzymes that catalyze the phosphorylation process by chemically transferring phosphate groups from phosphate-donating molecules to specific substrates. Kinases are critical in almost every aspect of cellular functions, including metabolism, cell growth, cell signaling and cellular transport. Depending on the various substrates they act on, kinases are mainly classified into three groups: protein kinases, lipid kinases and carbohydrate kinases. Since deficiency or dysfunction of kinases is always associated with diseases (cancer for example), an increasing number of drugs that inhibit specific kinases are being developed. Here, one of the most useful and effective techniques in discovering inhibitors for kinases is the co-crystallization, which provides a direct evidence for the physical interaction between a kinase and an inhibitor.

Creative Biostructure has extensive experiences in dealing with various projects on kinases, including kinase expression, purification and co-crystallization with small molecules. Thelist of kinases we have been working on is as following:

List of Protein Kinases at Creative Biostructure

Gene Symbol cDNA length  [bp] Gene Symbol cDNA length  [bp] Gene Symbol cDNA length  [bp] Gene Symbol cDNA length  [bp]
BMX 412-675 APEG1 342 EEF2K 2178 ADCK4 1635
p38-beta full length STK10 435 TLK1 2301 FASTK 1650
p38-delta full length STK32A 501 FES 2469 MARK3 2190
mkk6 full length ADCK5 510 MKNK2 477 STK4 120
Erk2 full length PDGFRA 657 MLKL 792 MASK 414
PRAK full length PRKACB 774 CSNK1G1 924 STK40 702
MKK1 full length TSSK6 822 BCKDK 1008 CCRK 828
PTK9L 1050 CDC2 894 PDIK1L 1026 STK16 918
CDK9 1119 CDK2 897 MAPK13 1098 MAPK12 1104
MAP2K2 1203 CDK4 912 TSSK1 1104 STK32C 1110
PDK3 1221 PIM2 936 PHKG2 1221 STK17B 1119
CSNK1G2 1248 NEK6 942 PDK4 1236 ACVR1B 1518
STK25 1281 PBK 969 RET 1377 NRBP 1608
SGK 1296 CDC2L5 975 IRAK4 1383 PRKCZ 1779
PCTK1 1347 ERBB3 996 AKT1 1443 ARAF 1821
ZAK 1368 MAP2K6 1005 CLK3 1473 EIF2AK1 1893
PCTK3 1419 CSNK1A1L 1014 CAMKV 1506 SRPK1 1968
CLK3 1473 TRIB2 1032 ADCK4 1512 SRPK2 2067
RPS6KA5 1650 CDK7 1041 MATK 1524 MAPK15 834
RIOK1 1707 PRKD3 1836 HIPK4 1851 EPHA7 840
MAP3K3 273 CDK5 879 TSSK3 807 ICK 879
EPHA4 318 Note: For the green-colored ones, soluble proteins are available.


  • Different from novel proteins, most protein kinases of interest have their resolved structures or homologous structures available, and are much easier to be expressed in soluble functional forms (or refolded into such forms).
  • We may also refer to published protocols to grow the crystals, which will save time and improve the efficiency of crystallization processes.
  • If the structure of a homologous kinase is available in the RCSB Protein Data Bank (, a set of good diffraction data is sufficient for determining the kinase-compound structure with Molecular Replacement (MR) method.
  • In contrast, if a homologous model is not available, phases have to be determined by Multiple Isomorphous Replacement (MIR) with heavy atoms or Multiple Wavelength Anomalous Dispersion (MAD) using selenomethionine derivatives. Depending on the phasing methods, more than one set of data can be collected.
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