The Latest Research Progress of Ion Channels (II)


(Continued)   PNAS: Scientists find another key protein that helps humans feel the taste   doi:10.1073/pnas.1718802115   Until now, many scientists believe that a protein called TRPM5 is the key to distinguish these tastes. When TRPM5 is removed from human taste cells, they can no longer taste sweet, bitter or salty foods. The results of a recent study challenged this existing concept. According to an article recently published in PNAS, the…


The Latest Research Progress of Ion Channels (I)

It has been known that most of the substances that are of significance to life are water-soluble, such as various ions and sugars. They need to enter the cells, and the water-soluble wastes produced during the life activities need leave the cells. Ion channels are made up of special proteins. They assemble and embed in the cell membrane. The pores form in the middle occupied by water molecules. These pores…