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Custom UniCrys™ X-ray Crystallography Services

Creative Biostructure offers high-throughput and high-quality UniCrys™ crystallization services for global customers by using state-of-the-art facilities and technologies in the field of X-ray Crystallography, and has developed a crystallography pipeline, including all the stages from gene synthesis to structure determination. Our experienced scientists can work with customers and accelerate the research progress.

A crystal structure is formed by atoms, ions or molecules in a highly ordered crystalline liquid or solid. As crystalline atoms are able to cause the X-rays diffraction, the crystal structure can be determined by measuring the angles and intensities of these diffractions. Since the first determined protein structure -Myoglobin -in 1958, X-ray Crystallography has become the most significant and useful tool for protein structure determination. Nowadays, more than 111,000 protein structures have been deposited into the Protein Data Bank and about 90% of them are by X-ray, suggesting its overwhelming advantages in protein structure study.

The key step in X-ray Crystallography is the crystallization process. Since each protein has its unique physical and chemical properties, the initial crystallization screening can be very costly and time consuming. However, by taking advantages of hundreds of non-redundant crystallization conditions and multiple crystallization approaches (such as vapor diffusion crystallization, seeding and co-crystallization), Creative Biostructure can provide the most efficient and economical strategies. To obtain high-resolution protein structures, both in-house X-ray facilities (for trial and optimization) and synchrotron light sources (for data collection) will be used. High-resolution X-ray data, high-quality density maps, protein structures and the related statistics will also be made available for the purpose of publication and subsequent studies.

Custom UniCrys™ X-ray Crystallography Services:

Plasmid Construction and Protein Expression
Protein Purification
Initial Crystallization Screening
Optimization of Crystallization Conditions
X-ray Data Collection
Structure Determination and Refinement
Structure Analysis
Iterative Crystallography Service
Crystallization Plates


Complexes (e.g., protein-ligand or protein-protein complexes)


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