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Exosome Engineering

Creative Biostructure offers a complete set of service for exosome engineering to facilitate exosome applications. We provide comprehensive support for your exosome engineering with the following customized services.

The Importance of Exosome Engineering

Exosomes become a promising carrier for therapeutic molecular delivery especially for cancer treatment due to its low immunogenicity, high biocompatibility, high drug delivery efficacy, and low cytotoxicity to normal tissue. First of all, exosomes are naturally endowed with efficient targeting surface moieties for tumor site. Furthermore, exosome engineering could help its selective accumulation in cancer site. As a therapeutic drug delivery carrier for cancer treatment, exosomes exhibit increased cytotoxicity and higher killing efficacy on cancer cells.

Modification strategy and effect of tumor-derived exosomes in cancer therapy. Figure 1. Modification strategy and effect of tumor-derived exosomes in cancer therapy. (You, Benshuai., et al. (2018) Am J Cancer Res. 8(8): 1332–1342.)

Exosome Engineering Services:

Besides the fact that exosomes are well-tolerated in vivo and naturally able to deliver functional biomolecules, exosomes are also relatively easy to engineer. It is worth to note that exosomes derived from different sources have diverse applications in exosome-based cancer treatment because they reflect the functional status of their parent cells. Thus, before we proceed with the exosome engineering, it is crucial for us to choose the appropriate exosomes as a starting point. Our scientists are ready to produce custom-engineered exosomes for you starts from different cell line derived exosomes, to diverse modification with your cargos for a specific cell type targeting.

Creative Biostructure creates customized exosomes engineering service upon request:
Exosome Isolation and Purification
Exosome Analysis and Characterization
Exosome Applications
Exosomes Labelling: Protein labeling, RNA labeling, Lipid labeling
Exosomes Cargo Loading: Proteins, Nucleic acids (including mRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, DNA), Small molecules
Exosomes Ligand Displaying: To target specific cell types

Based on the comprehensive techniques in exosome engineering, Creative Biostructure offers top services to satisfy your demands on exosome application. Please contact us for more information.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process


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