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Protein Engineering Service

Based on the comprehensive protein production platform developed through years of experience, scientists from Creative Biostructure can provide unparalleled protein evolution and engineering platform covering the full cycle of protein engineering to satisfy customers` needs in the most cost- and time-effective manner, such as mutant library construction and screening/selection strategy.

Protein Engineering

Creative Biostructure is highly-experienced in the evolution of protein structure and function. Protein evolution can be described as the changes over time in protein shape, composition and structure, which is estimated through protein evolution rate that is constant across phylogenies. It is well known that protein evolution is closely related to the changes and selection of DNA polymorphisms and mutations due to protein sequence change responding to alteration in DNA sequence. Creative Biostructure can adopt sensitive sequence profile methods and structure comparison methods to determine evolutionary relationships not detectable at the DNA-level.

Protein engineering is the process of modifying the structures of proteins and assigns them new and/or desirable properties in terms of activity, solubility, affinity, stability, specificity, resistance, etc. The most commonly applied methods for protein engineering include De novo design, rational design and directed evolution. These methods are available for contributing the development of protein engineering.

Our custom services include but not limited to:

Creative Biostructure has strong expertise in de novo gene synthesis allows us to synthesize complex protein libraries without any dramatic increase in cost. Rational protein design based on protein structure-function relationship can make desired changes (such as specific protein folding) on protein of interest. Directed evolution is a novel method used to simulate the process of natural selection to evolve proteins or nuleic acids towards desired aim. Notably, Three factors are required for evolution: 1). The variation happens between replicators, 2). The variation causes fitness differences upon which selection acts, 3). The variation can be heritable. Directed evolution can be applied both for protein engineering as an alternative to rational protein design, as well as studies of fundamental evolutionary principles in a controlled, laboratory environment.

Creative Biostructure provides specialized mutant library services, including site-directed mutagenesis libraries, sequential permutation scanning libraries, and randomized and degenerated libraries. We also provide a full range of recombinant proteins.

Creative Biostructure also provides Membrane Protein Platform and Phage Display Platform for your specific projects. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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