High-throughput Screening (HTS) for the Antiviral Drug Discovery of Coronavirus

The outbreak of novel coronavirus, the first coronavirus to cause a global pandemic, has forced an acceleration in the development of antiviral drugs against the virus. Creative Biostructure is a professional contract research organization in the field of structural biology. With years of experience in structure-based preclinical drug discovery, we currently offer custom high-throughput antiviral drug screening services in the form of 96-well and 384-well plates. Our biochemical and cell-based high-throughput screening (HTS) technology enables the efficient screening of preclinical candidates for antiviral drug discovery of coronavirus from high-content compound libraries.

Brief Introduction to High-throughput Screening

High-throughput Screening (HTS) for the Antiviral Drug Discovery of Coronavirus

High throughput drug screening technology is the organic combination of a variety of technical methods and forms a new technology system. It is based on the experimental methods at the molecular and cellular levels and carried out in the form of microplates as the experimental tool. The automatic operating system is required to perform the experiment process. In the experiment process, the experiment data is collected by sensitive and rapid detection instruments, and the obtained data is analyzed and processed by a computer. Therefore, it is a technical system capable of testing tens of millions of samples at the same time and supporting the operation of the entire system with the corresponding database.

The normal operation of high-throughput drug screening also requires high-content compound libraries and highly specific drug screening models. Commonly used screening models include molecular-level and cell-level drug screening models. The detection methods usually utilized include optical /radioactive/fluorescence detection technology and the multifunctional microplate detection system.

Our HTS Services for Coronavirus Preclinical Drug Candidates Discovery

For antiviral drug candidates screening, HTS shows great potential in broad-spectrum anti-coronavirus drug discovery, and studies have identified several effective antiviral agents against coronavirus infection through HTS of large compound libraries (such as inhibitors, proteins, antibodies, peptides, and approved drugs).

The drug screening platform of Creative Biostructure is mainly composed of three parts, namely HTS based on targets, cell-based high-content screening (HCS), and drugs and small biological molecules analysis. Our high-throughput equipment supports the utilize of various detection techniques (such as absorbance, chemiluminescence, and fluorescence) to detect the permeability, stability, metabolic pathways, metabolites, and cytotoxicity of compounds at the molecular or cellular level. We can also provide you with high-content imaging and analysis services for many purposes. Under the premise of maintaining the structural and functional integrity of the cell, the effects of the compound on various cell-related parameters are simultaneously detected.

During the HTS process, Creative Biostructure strictly follows industry standards for quality monitoring and information tracking of all key steps. At the beginning of a high-throughput project, we first revise the HTS method, and then perform the screening of the reference compound, followed by the initial screening of the compound, hit analysis, hit confirmation, IC50 value determination, and SAR analysis.

High-throughput Screening (HTS) for the Antiviral Drug Discovery of CoronavirusFigure 1. Integrated HTS platform at Creative Biostructure

Creative Biostructure can undertake personalized projects. We recommend appropriate screening protocol according to the indicators that customers need to detect, and then carry out the screening tests and data collection required for customer projects.

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