Recombinant Vector Vaccine Development Services for Coronavirus

The emergence and outbreak of emerging infectious diseases is a global challenge to public health. At present, scientists from academia and biopharmaceutical industries around the world are working hard to find ways to prevent and treat coronavirus infections. Creative Biostructure has rapidly integrated related businesses characterized by structural biology and currently provides preclinical development services for recombinant vector vaccines to meet the urgent needs of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine R&D.

Brief Introduction to Recombinant Vector Vaccine

The recombinant subunit vaccine causes the immune response of the human body by directly injecting the subunit of the pathogen into the body. This method is generally of low immunogenicity and can only induce the humoral immune response of the human body. Therefore, to simultaneously induce the humoral and cellular immune processes of the human body and improve the immunogenicity of vaccines, several technical platforms have been developed to directly produce antigen proteins in the human body. The recombinant virus vector vaccine is one of the important emerging technologies.

Compared with the subunit antigen, which can only be input once at a time, the recombinant virus vector vaccine can produce antigen in vivo for a longer time. The synthesized antibodies can be secreted out of the host cell and induce humoral immunity or presented by MHC-I molecules to induce cellular immune response. The antigen molecules expressed can be of various types and the entire process is similar to the natural infection process of pathogens, thus the immunogenicity of such vaccines is more abundant and stronger. Viruses currently utilized as vaccine vectors include adenoviruses (double-stranded DNA viruses), alphaviruses (single-stranded RNA viruses), poxviruses (double-stranded DNA viruses), as well as herpesviruses (double-stranded DNA viruses).

Recombinant Vector Vaccine

Recombinant Vector Vaccine Development Services for Coronavirus

For the sudden outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, the team of scientists at Creative Biostructure respond quickly and provide preclinical development services for recombinant vector vaccines for coronavirus infection. Based on prior knowledge and project accumulation, after the subunit genes encoding pathogen antigens are integrated into the genomes of these viral vectors, the recombinant viruses are amplified and purified within appropriate cells. This kind of vaccine is possible to induce a specific immune response in the body without adjuvants because of itself with the immunogenicity of the viral vector.

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