VLP-based Vaccine Development Services for Coronavirus

Virus-like particle (VLP) is a polymeric nanostructure assembled from natural viral structural proteins, but do not contain any genetic material. The VLP consists of high-density displays of viral surface proteins and is therefore a highly adaptable tool for a variety of applications, such as delivery system, antibody development, and membrane protein expression. During the coronavirus pandemic, Creative Biostructure rapidly integrated VLP-based vaccine development technologies and various in-house coronavirus-related VLP products to facilitate the development of methods for the prevention of this emerging infectious disease.

Brief Introduction to VLP-based Vaccine

Traditional vaccines are prepared with attenuated or inactivated virus strains, however, VLPs lacking viral genomes can offer a much safer option. VLPs are similar in structure to real viruses and do not contain any viral genetic material, thus they are not infectious and have the potential to trigger a powerful immune response. VLP-based vaccines are one of the emerging vaccine technologies that produce effective and durable protection. VLP provides a multivalent structure that can hold multiple copies of antigens and can elicit a more effective immune response. VLPs can also ensure tissue-specific targeting because they are derived from real viruses. These versatile and stable nanoparticles show great adjuvant properties and can induce innate immune responses. They can present both B-cell epitopes for antibody production and T-cell epitopes for inducing effective cellular immune responses. To date, several VLP-based vaccines have been licensed and commercialized, and many are in clinical trials.

Immunogenic features of a virus-like particle (VLP).  Figure 1. Immunogenic features of a virus-like particle (VLP). (Crisci E.; et al. 2013)

VLP-based Vaccine Development Services for Coronavirus

Nowadays, for the SARS-CoV-2 infection, Creative Biostructure offers high-quality VLP-based vaccine development services to customers in the academia, biotech/pharmaceutical industries around the world.

Our professional team has mastered a variety of VLP expression systems, including but not limited to yeast, baculovirus expression system, and mammalian cells. We can design and develop custom VLPs, and our off-the-shelf VLP products have been shown to present antigenic epitopes in their appropriate conformation to induce effective humoral and cellular immune responses. In addition, we offer a variety of in-house developed VLP products of the family Coronaviridae.

Creative Biostructure specializes in the formulation and innovation of VLP-based vaccines. We utilized the most commonly used adjuvant aluminum salts in VLP-based vaccine formulations to enhance the immunogenicity of antigens. And we have made great efforts in the innovative development of VLP-based vaccines, such as reducing the antigen dose, improving the immunogenicity, and improving the stability of long-term storage.

If your coronavirus vaccine development project involves VLP technology, please do not hesitate to contact us, our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday. Our experienced scientists will work closely with you to keep you informed of the progress of the project and take all the objectives into consideration.

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  1. Crisci E.; et al. Virus-like particle-based vaccines for animal viral infections. Inmunología. 2013, 32(3): 102-116.

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