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BUB1 Protein Crystal(CBCRY01)

Product Summary
Name BUB1 Protein Crystal Download Datasheet
Background The kinase(BUB1) functions in part by phosphorylating a member of the miotic checkpoint complex and activating the spindle checkpoint. Mutations in this gene have been associated with aneuploidy and several forms of cancer.
Molecular Description
Protein ClassificationTransferase
Structure Weight42450.29 Da
MoleculeMitotic checkpoint serine/threonine-protein kinase BUB1
Chain Length365 amino acids
Crystal Description
MMDB ID68144
SourceSpodoptera frugiperda
MethodX-Ray Diffraction
Resolution2.31 Å
Ligand Chemical ComponentAdenosine-5'-triphosphate; chloride ion; Magnesium ion
Gene Information
Gene NameBUB1
SynonymsBUB1A, BUB1L, hBUB1, BUB1 budding uninhibited by benzimidazoles 1 homolog; budding uninhibited by benzimidazoles 1; mitotic spindle checkpoint kinase; putative serine/threonine-protein kinase
UniProt IDO43683
Gene ID699
Chromosome Location2q14
Functionnucleotide binding; protein kinase activity; protein serine/threonine kinase activity ; ATP binding; kinase activity; transferase activity
Reference Kang J, Yang M, Li B, Qi W, Zhang C, Shokat KM, Tomchick DR, Machius M, Yu H. Structure and substrate recruitment of the human spindle checkpoint kinase Bub1.Mol Cell. 2008 Nov 7;32(3):394-405.

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