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Cell membrane functions as a boarder of cell by separating it from the outside environment, and the membrane proteins are the gateways to the cell. Nutrients, ions, waste products, even DNA and proteins are transported into and out of cells by membrane proteins. Membrane proteins involve in many cellular functions including: signaling transduction, cell adhesion, cell motility, transportation, and cell communication. Given their important roles in cell functions, membrane proteins are often considered to be perfect drugs targets. In fact, about two-thirds of approved drugs target membrane proteins, nevertheless, these account for only a very small part of the potential targets. Therefore, membrane protein is still a main focus for new drug discovery.

Custom Membrane Protein Services

Challenges for membrane production and characterization
Investigating membrane protein structure and function can provide valuable information for drug characterization and optimization, however, such proteins are inherently difficult to purify and characterize. Even when expressed at high levels, the purification can still be challenging. Generally, cellular expression of membrane protein can lead to aggregation and malfunction due to the hydrophobic properties of the transmembrane domain. Detergents are used to stabilize the membrane proteins during purification. But these detergents bring other issues. Detergents with stabilizing power may impair protein crystallization, and they may also contribute to poor sensitivity in NMR and X-ray crystallography studies.
Our strategies for membrane protein production
Creative Biostructure membrane protein platform has developed several efficient membrane protein expression systems and protein purification approaches to handle the dilemmas talked above. These expression systems and purification approaches are listed below: 

Following optimal expression, purification and crystallization of your protein of interest, Creative Biostructure guarantees precise determination of the native target structures with medium or high resolution. Based on thorough structural analysis, we further offer antibody development, drug discovery and vaccine formulation developments.
Customized membrane protein services
As a leader in membrane production, Creative Biostructure provides membrane protein services from gene to structure with an emphasis on protein purification, crystallization, structure determination and analysis. Our services include, but not limited to:

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