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CLIC4 Protein Crystal(CBCRY20)

Product Summary
Name CLIC4 Protein Crystal Download Datasheet
Background Chloride channels are a diverse group of proteins that regulate fundamental cellular processes including stabilization of cell membrane potential, transepithelial transport, maintenance of intracellular pH, and regulation of cell volume. Chloride intracellular channel 4 (CLIC4) protein, encoded by the CLIC4 gene, is a member of the p64 family; the gene is expressed in many tissues and exhibits a intracellular vesicular pattern in Panc-1 cells (pancreatic cancer cells).
Molecular Description
Protein ClassificationTransport protein
Structure Weight89641.50 Da
MoleculeChloride intracellular channel protein 4
Chain Length261 amino acids
Crystal Description
MMDB ID39169
MethodX-Ray Diffraction
Gene Information
Gene NameCLIC4
SynonymsCLIC4L; DKFZp566G223; FLJ38640; H1; MTCLIC; huH1; p64H1; OTTHUMP00000003380; chloride intracellular channel 4 like; Intracellular chloride ion channel protein p64H1
UniProt IDQ9Y696
Gene ID25932
Chromosome Location1p36.11
Functionchloride ion binding; protein binding; voltage-gated chloride channel activity; voltage-gated ion channel activity.
Reference Li, Y.F., Li, D.F., Zeng, Z.H., Wang, D.C. (2006) Trimeric structure of the wild soluble chloride intracellular ion channel CLIC4 observed in crystals Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun. 343: 1272-1278

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