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Cyct Protein Crystal(CBCRY29)

Product Summary
Name Cyct Protein Crystal Download Datasheet
Background Cytochrome c, or cyt c is a small heme protein found loosely associated with the inner membrane of the mitochondrion. It belongs to the cytochrome c family of proteins. Cytochrome c is a highly soluble protein, unlike other cytochromes, with a solubility of about 100g/L and is an essential component of the electron transport chain, where it carries one electron. It is capable of undergoing oxidation and reduction, but does not bind oxygen.
Molecular Description
Protein ClassificationElectron Transport
Structure Weight12541.14 Da
MoleculeCytochrome c, testis-specific
Chain Length105 amino acids
Crystal Description
MMDB ID40235
MethodX-Ray Diffraction
Ligand Chemical ComponentHEM; phosphate ion
Gene Information
Gene NameCyct
SynonymsRP23-211L7.1; T-Cc; OTTMUSP00000014130
Chromosome Location2 47.0 cM
Functioniron ion binding; electron carrier activity; heme binding; metal ion binding
Reference Liu, Z., Lin, H., Ye, S., Liu, Q.Y., Meng, Z., Zhang, C.M., Xia, Y., Margoliash, E., Rao, Z., Liu, X.J. (2006) Remarkably high activities of testicular cytochrome c in destroying reactive oxygen species and in triggering apoptosis Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.Usa 103: 8965-8970

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