Mempro™ Cell-Based Fibrinogen Production

Creative Biostructure can provide custom Mempro™ fibrinogen production services based on our comprehensive cell-based expression system and scientific elites with years of experiences.

Fibrinogen, known as factor I, is one of the glycoproteins existed in vertebrates, consisting of three nodules in a linear arrangement. Fibrinogen is a soluble and large 340 kD plasma glycoprotein complex, and binds to surface membrane proteins called GpIIb/IIIa in order to form bridges between platelets. The mainly function of fibrinogen is to generate an insoluble fibrin gel with thrombin. Congenital fibrinogen deficiency can result in either thromboembolic complications or bleeding. More and more evidence show that correction of congenital fibrinogen deficiency is an important treatment to patients with bleeding. Therefore, fibrinogen is thought to be a very important membrane protein in prospective diagnostic use. Detection of fibrinogen in a low level indicate that there is a clotting system activation and the consumption of clotting factors is faster than synthesis. Fibrinogen uptake test is a powerful tool to detect the deep vein thrombosis.

Mempro™ Cell-Based Fibrinogen Production
Figure 1. The structure of Fibrinogen. (J. Thromb. Haemost., 2008)

Creative Biostructure can provide you the best membrane protein production services, and we can apply a lot of Mempro™ cell-based protein production systems including:

•      Mempro™ Fibrinogen Production in Bacterial Cells System
Escherichia coli (E. coli) is a powerful bacterial host for membrane protein production. Our bacterial cells system has optimized Lemo21 (DE3) strain for our Mempro™ protein production.

•      Mempro™ Fibrinogen Production in Insect Cells System
The baculoviruses are commonly applied for eukaryotic membrane protein production. Mempro™ protein production using insect cells system can increase the expression level and reduce the truncated proteins at the same time compared to E. coli system.

•      Mempro™ Fibrinogen Production in Yeast Cells System
Single-celled yeast is an easy, quick and economic culture host and able to apply multiple post translation modifications for eukaryotic membrane protein. Yeast cell is a perfect eukaryotic host with follow advantages: fast growth rates, economic media, and high cell densities.

•      Mempro™ Fibrinogen Production in Mammalian Cells System
Creative Biostructure can provide another great service which is Mempro™ protein production in mammalian cells system. This system helps to form correct conformation and perform post-translational modifications for membrane protein. Mammalian cells system can provide near-native cell environment to produce membrane proteins.

Creative Biostructure is expert in membrane protein production, and our services including expression, isolation, purification and crystallization of the custom fibrinogen. We are more than willing to become your reliable research assistant.

We offer various Mempro™ membrane protein production services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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