Mempro™ Detergent-Free ABC Transporters Production

Creative Biostructure has professional experience in comprehensive membrane protein production, scientists from Creative Biostructure can offer customized Mempro™ ABC transporters production services using detergent-free expression system.

ABC transporters refer to ATP-binding cassette transporters, which belong to the transport system superfamily. This superfamily is probably one of the oldest families on behalf of all subsistent phyla from prokaryotes to humans. ABC transporters are composed of numerous subunits, some of which are membrane-associated ATPases while some of which are transmembrane proteins. ABC transporters are thought to be with the ABC superfamily ground on the organization and sequence of their ATP-binding cassette (ABC) domains, however, the complete membrane proteins possibly have evolved on their own a few times, therefore contain different protein families. The whole membrane proteins of ABC exporters seem to be evolved independently more than three times. All kinds of biosynthetic precursors, vitamins, nutrients and trace metals are took up by ABC uptake porters, meanwhile, exporters convey drugs, lipids, sterols, as well as various primary and secondary metabolites.

Mempro™ Detergent-Free ABC Transporters Production Figure 1. Molecular architecture of ABC transporters. (Nature reviews Molecular cell biology 2009)

Creative Biostructure has rich experience in high quality ABC transporters production using detergent-free membrane protein expression system, we can perform various strategies for Mempro™ detergent-free protein production, including:

  • Mempro™ ABC Transporters Production Using Nanodiscs

Nanodiscs are assembled by a compound of detergent/phospholipid micelles and MSP. It has been used to solubilize and functionally stabilize a number of membrane proteins, it can offer homogeneous discs with steerable stoichiometry of the incorporated protein.

  • Mempro™ ABC Transporters Production Using Amphipols

Amphipols are soluble proteins that can keep membrane proteins soluble in water without common surfactants. They can be used in biophysics and biochemistry by the physicochemical properties of amphipols cut, which is based on the wide resources of polymer chemistry.

  • Mempro™ ABC Transporters Production Using Poly (styrene-co-maleic acid) Lipid Particles (SMALPs)

SMALPs are discs in the lipid bilayer polymerized by styrene maleic acid copolymer (SMA). These discs enable to assist the membrane proteins purified by using the tag of the protein in their natural lipid surroundings. Compared with nanodiscs, bicelles and amphipols, the most significant advantage of SMALPs is that there is no need to extract proteins from membranes with possibly destabilising detergents.

With our advanced detergent-free expression system and experience for hundreds of successful cases, Creative Biostructure can offer best service of n ABC transporters production.

Creative Biostructure provides other various Mempro™ membrane protein production services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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