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Anionic Clodronate Empty Control Liposomes(CTA-005L)

Product Summary
Name Anionic Clodronate Empty Control Liposomes Download Datasheet
Product OverviewLipid composition: phosphatidylcholine, phosphotidyglycerol and cholesterol. Clodronate concentration: None.
This product of empty liposomes are made to match the physical and chemical attributes of the lyophilized Anionic Clodronate Liposomes without the active clodronate encapsulated. It should be used as a negative control for ACL-003L in macrophage depletion studies.
StabilityShelf-life: 12 months for dry cake (guaranteed, replacement only, starting from the date of delivery)
Shelf-life: 3 months sterilely reconstituted (guaranteed, replacement only)
StorageStore at 2-8 centigrade.

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