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Htr1a Liposome(Htr1a-1062L)

Product Summary
Name Htr1a Liposome Download Datasheet
Product Overview5HT1A is expressed in a cell-free expression system in the presence of lipid vesicles. As standard, 5HT1A proteoliposomes are purified on a sucrose gradient. This product has 7 TMD.
SourceCell-free expression system
Molecular Mass46.1 kDa
Purity> 50%
Storage BufferAvailable in Tris 50mM, pH 7.5. Other buffers or customized formulation can be provided upon request.
StorageStore at +4 centigrade for up to one week or several months at -80 centigrade. Aliquot for storage. Do not freeze-thaw after aliquoting.

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