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DNCL2A Protein Crystal(CBCRY31)

Product Summary
Name DNCL2A Protein Crystal Download Datasheet
Background The human light chain of the motor protein dynein, Dnlc2A, is also a novel TGF-beta-signaling component, which is altered with high frequency in epithelial ovarian cancer. It is an important mediator of dynein and the development of cancer, owing to its ability to bind to the dynein intermediate light chain (DIC) IC74 and to regulate TGF-beta-dependent transcriptional events.
Molecular Description
Protein ClassificationTransport Protein
Structure Weight24324.71 Da
MoleculeDynein light chain 2A, cytoplasmic
Chain Length106 amino acids
Crystal Description
MMDB ID53434
MethodX-Ray Diffraction
Ligand Chemical ComponentCesium ion
Gene Information
Gene NameDYNLRB1
SynonymsBITH; BLP; DNCL2A; DNLC2A; ROBLD1; OTTHUMP00000030691; ROBL/LC7-like 1; Roadblock-1; bithoraxoid-like protein; cytoplasmic dynein light chain 2A; dynein, cytoplasmic, light polypeptide 2A; dynein-associated protein HKM23; dynein-associated protein Km23; roadblock domain containing 1
UniProt IDQ9NP97
Gene ID83658
Chromosome Location20q11.21
Functionmicrotubule motor activity; protein binding
Reference Liu, J.-F., Wang, Z.-X., Wang, X.-Q., Tang, Q., An, X.-M., Gui, L.-L., Liang, D.-C. (2006) Crystal structure of human dynein light chain Dnlc2A: Structural insights into the interaction with IC74 Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun. 349: 1125-1129

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