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PPARG Protein Crystal(CBCRY34)

Product Summary
Name PPARG Protein Crystal Download Datasheet
Background PPARG regulates fatty acid storage and glucose metabolism. Many insulin sensitizing drugs used in the treatment of diabetes target PPARG as a means to lower serum glucose without increasing pancreatic insulin secretion. The genes activated by PPARG stimulate lipid uptake and adipogenesis by fat cells. PPARG knockout mice fail to generate adipose tissue when fed a high fat diet.
Molecular Description
Protein Classificationtranscription
Structure Weight34246.95 Da
MoleculePeroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma
Chain Length296 amino acids
Crystal Description
MMDB ID67970
MethodX-Ray Diffraction
Ligand Chemical ComponentZAA
Gene Information
Gene NamePPARG
SynonymsCIMT1; NR1C3; PPARG1; PPARG2; PPAR-gamma; HUMPPARG; OTTHUMP00000185030; OTTHUMP00000185033; OTTHUMP00000185037; PPAR gamma; nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group C member 3; peroxisome proliferative activated receptor gamma; peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma 1; nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group C member 3
UniProt IDP37231
Gene ID5468
Chromosome Location3p25
Functionarachidonic acid binding; drug binding; metal ion binding; prostaglandin receptor activity; protein heterodimerization activity; retinoid X receptor binding; steroid hormone receptor activity; zinc ion binding
Reference Zhang, H., Ryono, D.E., Devasthale, P., Wang, W., O`Malley, K., Farrelly, D., Gu, L., Harrity, T., Cap, M., Chu, C., Locke, K., Zhang, L., Lippy, J., Kunselman, L., Morgan, N., Flynn, N., Moore, L., Hosagrahara, V., Zhang, L., Kadiyala, P., Xu, C., Doweyko, A.M., Bell, A., Chang, C., Muckelbauer, J., Zahler, R., Hariharan, N., Cheng, P.T. (2009) Design, synthesis and structure-activity relationships of azole acids as novel, potent dual PPAR alpha/gamma agonists. Bioorg

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