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MAD2 Protein Crystal(CBCRY02)

Product Summary
Name MAD2 Protein Crystal Download Datasheet
Background MAD2 (mitotic arrest deficient 2) is one of the kinetochore protein present on the chromosome during cell division. It is involved in making sure all chromosomes are attached to the mitotic spindle before the beginning of anaphase.
Molecular Description
Protein ClassificationCell Cycle
Structure Weight288687.00 Da
MoleculeMitotic Spindle assembly checkpoint protein MAD2A
Chain Length206 amino acids
Crystal Description
MMDB ID63130
MethodX-Ray Diffraction
Resolution1.95 Å
Ligand Chemical ComponentChloride ion, Magnesium ion, PE3, PE4, PEG
Gene Information
Gene NameMAD2L1
SynonymsHSMAD2; MAD2; MAD2 (mitotic arrest deficient, yeast, homolog)-like 1; MAD2-like 1; MAD2-like protein 1; mitotic arrest deficient, yeast, homolog-like 1
UniProt IDQ13257
Gene ID4085
Chromosome Location4q27
Functionprotein binding
Reference Yang, M., Li, B., Liu, C.-J., Tomchick, D.R., Machius, M., Rizo, J., Yu, H., Luo, X. (2008) Insights Into MAD2 Regulation in the Spindle Checkpoint Revealed by the Crystal Structure of the Symmetric MAD2 Dimer. Plos Biol. 6: E50

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