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Mempro™ Plant-Based VLP Production Using Transient Expression System

Creative Biostructure provides specific custom Mempro™ Plant-derived virus-like particels (VLPs) prodution services based on transient expression system.

VLPs are self-assembled multi-protein structures derived from viral antigens that can simulate native viruses, but are non-infetious due to lacking the viral genetic materials. Based on this advantage in non-infectiousness, VLP can be applied for vaccine development. It is reported that intact membrane proteins with native conformation can be integrated in to VLPs (this complex is termed lipoparticles). Thus, Lipoparticles are widely used as a powerful tool for integral membrane protein poduction. Self-assembled VLPs capture desired membrane proteins and bud them off from the cell membrane in the direct manner. In additon to membrane protein production, Creative Biostructure can offer custom Mempro™ VLP production services for various biological studies, including antibody screening, phage and yeast display, vaccines production, ligand binding assay and small molecules delivery.

Figure 1. Schematic overview of the transient expression using pEAQ vectors. (Curr. Opion Biotech., 2016)

Creative Biostructure can provide plant-derived VLP production using transient expression system. With this expression system, a soil bacterium, Agrobacterium tumefaciens,is employed to infect the plant cells, along with the transfer of viral genetic materials in the form of a mobile DNA fragment are also into the nucleus of the infected plant cell. Owing to this mobile DNA fragment is not integrated into the plant genome, the plant cells are just transiently transformed. The performance of transient expression can be divided into several procedures, including:

  • 1、Gene synthesized from sequence of virus of interest;
  • 2、Genetic information introduced into plants through vacuum infiltration;
  • 3、Infected plants are incubated a few days for VLP formation;
  • 4、Plant are harvested to extract VLPs;
  • 5、VLPs are then purified to obtain.

The advantage of transient expression is extemely high expression and large quantities of targeted virus-like particles after cell infection. Creative Biostructure provides tobacco-based VLP production using transient expression system.

We can provide other various Mempro™ membrane protein production services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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