Mempro™ CoA-dependent Acyltransferases Production Using Virus-Like Particles

Creative Biostructure now can provide advanced Mempro™ custom CoA-dependent acyltransferases production using virus-like particles for both academic and industry applications.

CoA-dependent acyltransferases catalyze the transfer of acetyl groups from the acetyl-coenzyme A (acetyl-CoA) to a wide range of substrates According to SOCPe, the CoA-dependent acyltransferases superfamily contains four membrane protein families, including: Choline/Carnitine O-acyltransferase family, BAHD family, Chloramphenicol acetyltransferase like (CAT-like) family and condensation domain family. Members of these families play important roles in many cellular processes, such as the transport of fatty acids for beta-oxidation, the production of phenolic secondary metabolites, production of neurotransmitter, etc. For example, choline acetyltransferase is involved in the production of choline yielding acetylcholine (ACh) by catalyzing the transfer of one acetyl group from acetyl-CoA to the ACh.

Mempro™ CoA-dependent Acyltransferases Production Using Virus-Like Particles Figure 1. The schematic structure of Choline O-acetyltransferase (OPM Database)

Creative Biostructure now can provide high yield, high quality and fast Mempro™ CoA-dependent acyltransferases production using virus-like particles (VLPs) with our most advanced VLP technique and years of experience in the field of membrane protein production. Our science team has developed multiple systems for the production of VLPs with different technical requirements, including bacteria, yeasts, green plants, insect cells and mammalian cells.

VLPs can be described as "empty viral shells", they are highly organized subunits result in the self-assembly of viral structural proteins. VLPs can mimic many behaviors of native virus. But all of the VLPs are non-infectious because of lacking the native viral genetic materials. VLPs are ideal tools for the vaccine development programs and other applications such as antigen delivery, recombinant membrane protein production and heterologous epitope presentation. Many virus families have been reported to product VLPs, including Parvoviridae, bacteriophages, Retroviridae, etc.

Our science team can help customers find the optimal production strategy in each individual case. We will perform the co-expression of target CoA-dependent acyltransferase and the core viral structural protein in the chosen host system. The expressed viral structural protein will perform the self-assembly within the plasmid membrane of host cells and then bud-off from the plasmid membrane to form the lipoparticles (VLPs that that contain high concentration of specific membrane proteins within their construction). These lipoparticles will be transfected to the surface of host cells. The expressed target CoA-dependent acyltransferase will be captured within the lipoparticles during the budding-off. We are able to harvest the specific lipoparticles at the surface of host cells along with the target CoA-dependent acyltransferase. The whole process is out of mechanical disruptions and detergents.

Creative Biostructure can also provide a wide range of other Mempro™ membrane protein production service with VLPs technique and other various advanced techniques. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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