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Protein Production and Purification

Creative Biostructure has devoted to the research and development of protein science for decades. Based on our rich experience in this field, we guarantee to deliver high-quality products and the first-class services to our valued clients all over the world. Our advanced and comprehensive platform is your best choice to fulfill the custom demands in every process of your project including gene synthesis, protein expression, modification, purification and characterization.

Key Factors To Consider:

1. Sequence: A narrow set of codons is applied in highly expressed genes to avoid the occurrence of tRNA depletion during translation.

2. Expression System: To choose the fittest expression system as well as to save the money, we will help you to go through things such as the amount of the product, the degree of purity, biological integrity, and potential toxicity.

3. Expression Vector: Suitable vectors enhance the performance of the target protein to address your specific requirements.

4. Tag: GST-tag and His-tag (6x, 10x, and 12x-His) are two major types of tags that have been extensively used in protein production and purification. Other tags include maltose binding protein (MBP) tag, Thioredoxin (Trx) tag, and Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier (SUMO) tag, etc.

Protein Expression Service

Creative Biostructure provides various expression systems for recombinant protein production, including bacterial, insect, mammalian, and yeast expression systems.

Bacteria expression system

Pros: low cost, easy to scale up, high expression level, well-characterized genetics

Cons: poor folding, inclusion body, poor post-translational modifications

Yeast expression system

Pros: not expensive, easy to scale up, efficient protein folding

Cons: various glycosylation, hyperglycosylation

Insect expression system

Pros: efficient protein folding, relatively high expression level, moderate post-translational modifications

Cons: expensive, various glycosylation, N-linked glycan structures

Mammalian expression system

Pros: comprehensive post-translational modifications, efficient protein folding

Cons: expensive, difficult to scale up

A broad range of characteristics of these expression systems are compared in the following Table.

Native Protein Purification

Compared to recombinant proteins, native proteins do not have tags, and they keep their properties under natural conditions.

Targets including

Soluble extracellular proteins;

Soluble intracellular proteins,;

Membrane-associated proteins;

Natural insoluble proteins.


Cultured cells;

Animal/plant tissues;

Blood products

Instead of producing native proteins that are poor abundant and less stable in natural conditions, Creative-Biostructure has developed this platform to isolate and purify native proteins with high-yield, high-quality, rapid speed and low cost. As to membrane proteins, we have developed several novel platforms to purify them into different formations such as liposomes, virus-like particles and nanodiscs, providing their native environments.

MagHelix™ High-Purity Protein Purification

Creative Biostructure is confident to efficiently deliver solutions for large-scale protein purification and constantly develop and improve the purification protocols. The available methods to purify proteins range from simple precipitation to sophisticated chromatographic and affinity techniques.

High-purity Purification Methods:

Affinity chromatography;

Ion-exchange chromatography;

Size-exclusion chromatography;

Hydrophobic Interaction chromatography, etc.

With these advanced techniques, we are proud to offer protein samples with “crystallography grade” purity, making your further characterizations and assays much easier.

Protein Process Development and Manufacturing

Custom protein process development and manufacturing is another featured service provided by Creative Biostructure. This platform is suitale for expression and purification of both soluble proteins and membrane proteins. We aim to establish the optimal process named “from gene to protein” for each individual project to fulfill your special requirements, and the services include choices of host, vector and tag, preparation/purification protocol development and optimization, and purity analysis, etc.

Both the experimental and commercial applications require high-quality proteins at a certain scale. Creative Biostructure is a leading supplier in rocombinant/native protein production and purification. Our advanced platform aims to accelerate your research in exploring new scientific frontiers. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.


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