Custom Antigen Design and Preparation Service

Designing the optimal antigens with proper antigenicity is one of the most critical step in antibody development study. Many factors should be considered when an antigen is designed, such as length, molecular weight, secondary structure, purity, hydrophobicity, amino acids (for peptides and recombination proteins) etc. The applications of antibodies determine the strategies in antigen designing.

With years of experience, Creative Biostructure has proven records in developing various types of antigens with great quality, including but not limited to:
Recombinant proteins;
Prokaryotic/ Eukaryotic cells.

Creative Biostructure can help you design the antigen which represents the best of the endogenous protein and elicits strong immune response. Our bio-science team has developed an advanced protein expression platform for production of recombinant proteins or protein domains as antigens, including bacteria, yeasts, insect cells, mammalian cells, cell-free systems etc. The purification methods we established guarantees a purity greater than 98%.

Creative Biostructure provides immunogen peptides design, synthesis and purification service. We analyze and select the most suitable sequence for your antigen protein as immunogen and synthesize the peptide with high purity. In order to increase the immunogenicity, protein conjugation service is also available for you, such as OVA-, BSA- and KLH-conjugated peptides.

Besides, we provide Drug Discovery services including:

Creative Biostructure helps you design and prepare custom antigen with our most advanced technologies in a cost-effective manner.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project!

Ordering Process

Ordering Process


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