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Creative Biostructure provides custom polymer drug conjugation service for advanced drug delivery. Biological therapies play a significant role in disease treatments. Recombinant proteins, antibodies, peptides and other kinds of bio-molecules have been used for potent therapeutic agents. However, many of these molecules possess disadvantages for large-scale production and application, such as low stabilities, non-specific targeting, insolubility, rapid clearance, short of immunogenicity, etc.

Polymers used in conjugation contain physical and chemical properties that improve the solubility and the stability. Furthermore, Polymer conjugated drugs could be designed to have longer half-life, lower immunogenicity, and higher specificity. Over the last decade, polymer drug conjugates have been proven to be successful in treatment of many diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS, etc.

Rationale  for drug delivery via polymer-drug conjugates Fig 1. Rationale for drug delivery via polymer-drug conjugates.

As covalent linkage usually prevents the activity of small molecule drugs, enzymatically labile spacers and hydrolytically unstable bond between drugs and polymers are developed to conduct the release of drugs. Our scientists have developed different polymer conjugation systems to meet your requirements including but not limited to:
N-(2-hydroxypropyl) methacrylamide copolymer (HPMA) 
Polyglutamic acid (PGA)
Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) 
Hyaluronic acid

In Creative Biostructure, all the chemical and biological properties of the target drug will be taken into consideration, for example, the conjugation features. We will examine size, solubility, free drug as impurity, stability, hydrophilic/lipophylic balance, poly-dispersity, drug loading, etc. In addition, the in vivo behavior, such as metabolism, distribution, pharmacokinetic, interaction with cells and blood components, specific targets will also be considered. We will establish a unique and optimal drug conjugation strategy for individual case to meet your different requirements.

Creative biostructure offers custom polymer drug conjugates with a variety of architectures and chemical properties. Our expert scientists could provide a solution for selective and accurate drug delivery to facilitate your study.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project!

Ordering Process

Ordering Process


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