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Data Processing and Interpretation

Creative Biostructure now can provide a collection of tools and analysis package for biomolecular structure determination, refinement and analysis from crystallographic, EM or NMR data. In structural biology field, in order to reveal a dedicated and reliable structure of biomolecule, research data is acquired, interpreted, published, reused, and sometimes eventually discarded. Creative Biostructure helps the development of appropriate infrastructural services, ones which make it easier and time-saving for researchers to collect, read and process the data and obtain the expected and target structure results.

Project Objectives

With this deliverable, the project has reached or the deliverable has contributed to the following objectives, including but not limited to:

No. Objective
1 Provide analysis solutions for the different Structural Biology approaches.
2 Provide automated pipelines to handle multitechnique datasets in an integrative manner.
3 Provide integrated data management for single and multi-technique projects, based on existing e-infrastructure.

Crystallographic data processing and structure determination

The physical infrastructure for X-ray crystallography structural biology includes synchrotrons, which are affordable by a nation. There are 47 in the world ( Each synchrotron provides a number of beamlines for experiments, usually including several optimized for macromolecular X-ray crystallography, often some for other structural biology techniques including SAXS (Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering) and CD (Circular Dichroism), and usually some beamlines for material sciences and other non-biological applications. Creative Biostructure has access to the most modern and popularly used synchrotron X-ray resources, such as ALS, SSRL, CAMD, Photon Factory, SSRF, etc.

EM data processing and interpretation

Improvements in microscopes, direct electron detectors, and processing software have led to a rapid increase in the number of high resolution cryoEM structures – the “resolution revolution”. This has led in turn to significant investments in electron microscopes around the world. Structural biologists in Creative Biostructure are working on harder targets: fewer single proteins, larger macromolecular assemblies, more membrane proteins.

Data Processing and Interpretation Figure 1 shows the increasing proportion of PDB entries belonging to these more difficult categories.

NMR data processing and interpretation

Creative Biostructure has access to the Structural Biology NMR Resource to obtain high-resolution solution NMR spectrometers ranging from 300 MHz to 900 MHz in field strength. These are used for small molecule analysis and for studies of macro-molecular structure, dynamics, and function. Our highly trained associates assist in the collection and interpretation of routine data, for training in instrument usage, for performing data processing and interpretation and to partner for more extended collaborative studies of protein or nucleic acid structure and dynamics.

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Ordering Process

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