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Not only noticing the application of cyclodextrins in pharmaceuticals, Creative Biostructure also pays lots of attention to expand their application to non-pharmaceutical areas such as food industry, biotechnology, and cosmetics. We offer custom made products and service for these cyclodextrin related uses with a competitive cost and quality.

Complexation of guest molecules with cyclodextrins can have one or more beneficial effects. These effects include increased solubility of the guest; stabilization of the guest to prevent volatilization, oxidation, and degradation due to exposure to light and heat; elimination or reduction of undesired tastes or odors; prevention of chemical reaction; directed chemical synthesis; and separation and isolation of various chemicals. Therefore, cyclodextrins have been utilized in multiple fields as described below.

Cyclodextrins in industry: Cyclodextrins have been used in food products and nutraceuticals as stabilizers for flavors and colorants, solubilizers of vitamins and lipophilic components, taste and odor maskers or to improve hygroscopicity, powder properties, even as dietary fibers.

Cyclodextrins in biotechnology fields: Cyclodextrins in biotechnology fields help to solubilize substrates, intensify enzymatic conversion, improve yield or inhibit reactions, supplement serum-free culture media and stabilize/solubilize proteins.

Cyclodextrins in cosmetics: Cyclodextrins are applied in cosmetic products to replace organic solvents in solubilization, to extend odors and flavors release, to transform liquids and oils into powders, to prevent products from heat, light or oxidation and to stabilize emulsions and suspensions.

Cyclodextrins in agriculture: Cyclodextrins in agricultural applications have major advantages about the improvement of wettability, solubility, stability and bioavailability. Cyclodextrins can increase content uniformity, prolong product shelf life time, reduce applied dose to achieve more environment-friendly products.

Cyclodextrins in veterinary: Uses of cyclodextrins in veterinary medications are similar as in pharmaceuticals development, function as solubilizers and stabilizers of small and big molecules, as additives in vaccines and in products of vitamins.

Creative Biostructure is the most reliable partner to explore cyclodextrin and liposomes applications. We have high quality products of parent cyclodextrins and a wide variety of cyclodextrin and liposomes derivatives. We are dedicated in providing perfect products and first-in-class services in the future. Please contact us for more details and find out how it helps to the new product development.

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Ordering Process


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