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Mempro™ Liposome in Food Industry

Creative Biostructure has committed to the research and development of liposome technology in the past decades, and we have rich experience to be in the leading place. Creative Biostructure has established a comprehensive Mempro™ Liposome platform and have a group of scientific elites specialized in this field. Liposome can be used as a powerful tool in various applications especially in food industry.

Figure 1. Antimicrobial lysozyme, which is encapsulated in the liposomes, targets to spoilage organisms in cheese. (M. R. Mozafari, et al., 2008)Figure 1. Antimicrobial lysozyme, which is encapsulated in the liposomes, targets to spoilage organisms in cheese. (M. R. Mozafari, et al., 2008)

In order to improve stability of encapsulated materials and protect them from different kinds of degradation, food ingredients have been packaged into liposomes as many other compounds. Liposomes are very suitable for the food industry because they can provide natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, and versatile systems for both hydrophilic and hydrophilic components. Main applications of this field include altering the texture, improving the ability of water retention, encapsulation of various components such as additives, preservatives and antimicrobials, adding flavors, and increasing the bioavailability vitamins and minerals.

In many food systems, enzymes are not often activated with the existing conditions. Liposome entrapment isolates the enzymes from the surrounding food environment, making them to retain their activities under conditions which could disrupt performance or even lead to denaturation otherwise. Adding flavours is another major research field to apply Mempro™ Liposome Technology in food systems as this technology becomes more widespread with high efficiency. Encapsulating some aqueous phases in liposomes can reduce the water activity of the food systems without changing the overall moisture contents. Therefore, the extended shelf lives of these liposomal products can be achieved. Encapsulating antioxidants are commonly cited as examples of the promising benefits of Mempro™ Liposome Technology. Replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat has increased the susceptibility of many fat-containing foods to oxidation, especially for margarines and mayonnaise.

Numerous potential applications in food industry are based on the unparalleled ability of liposome technology which can keep the entrapped materials from the outside environment. In a variety of food systems, an amount of active compounds are included in the formulation is larger than functionally-necessary in order to compensate the losses during processing or storage. The reduction in normal degradation through the use of liposomes can avoid the need for this, saving money and limiting potential toxicity problems.

Besides food industry, Creative Biostructure has also applied Mempro™ Liposome platform in a wide range of fields such as cosmetics, cancer therapy, gene therapy, drug delivery, etc. We ensure you the best products and first-class services. Please see the related sections for further information and feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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