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Creative Biostructure is highly experienced in providing unparalleled custom protein engineering services and protein synthesis services based on our best protein evolution and engineering platform, including high-scale expression, purification, crystallization and characterization.

Protein engineering is the design of novel proteins or enzymes with desired functions, which is based on the use of DNA recombination and high-throughput screening technologies to alter protein sequences (amino acid sequences). Rational design and directed evolution are the two basic methods to protein engineering. Both methods can be applied for designing novel protein structures. Ratioanl design is the most classical approach in protein engineering, which involves site-directed mutagenesis of proteins. Site-directed mutagenesis technique allows introduction of one or more specific amino acids into the gene of interest. In a word, rational design relies on comprehensive knowledge of how an existing protein is built. In contrast, directed evolution uses random mutagenesis and and can be performed without knowing every detail of a protein’s structure. This method simulates natural evolution and, in general, produces superior results to rational design. The key steps for performing a successful directed evolution include: one, establishment of gene diversification libraries; two, selections or screening for functional proteins.

Figure 1. Structure-based enzyme redesign. (Curr. Opin. Biotechnol., 2010)

Each approach to protein engineering has both advantages and disadvantages. In rational design method, scientists from Creative Biostructure ca change the structure of a protein in a predicable way, and is a relatively inexpensive process. While in the directed evolution method, we can use trial and error, and does not need a full structural map. This method is often time consuming and expensive, owing to the requirement that each new protein combination must be tested and only a few of the created structures are suitable for application. Despite the cost, directed evolution often allows us to encounter valuable protein structure combinations that otherwise would not be discovered.

Creative Biostructure is capable of providing specialized mutant library services, including site-directed mutagenesis libraries, sequential permutation scanning libraries, and randomized and degenerated libraries based on our best Protein Evolution and Engineering Platform.

According to the applications and information of the protein of interest, scientists from Creative Biostructure will provide the most appropriate strategy for your protein engineering research. The popular strategies used for our protein engineering services include:

  • De novo design - design and construct entirely new proteins with desirable functions.
  • Rational design - reengineer proteins based on the information of protein structure and function to improve properties.
  • Directed evolution - mimic natural evolution to evolve novel proteins with desirable functions.

Creative Biostructure also provides Membrane Protein Platform and Phage Display Platform for your specific projects. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.


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