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Custom MemPro™ Membrane Protein Services

Creative Biostructure has established a unique and comprehensive MemPro™ Membrane Protein Service platform, able to elucidate fundamental issues of the membrane protein systems. The services range from gene to structure with an emphasis on protein purification, crystallization, structure determination and analysis. Backed by a very experienced team, Creative Biostructure can produce and structurally analyze membrane proteins that are currently unavailable in the market (e.g., GPCR, ion channels, transporters, enzymes and viral targets).

Membrane proteins are divided into three classification including Monotypic/Peripheral proteinsTransmembrane proteins and Peptides. Membrane proteins are targets of over 50% of all modern drugs. It is estimated that 20–30% of all genes in most genomes encode membrane proteins. However, such proteins are inherently difficult to purify and characterize. Even when expressed at high levels, the purification is still an urgent issue to handle with and optimize. Surrounding lipids of a membrane protein interfere with both crystallography and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Most membrane proteins are therefore solubilized with detergents before NMR and X-ray studies. What’s more, hydrophobic chemical groups of a detergent can also stabilize the proteins. But detergents with the best stabilizing power are always not appropriate for crystallization. Creative Biostructure’s scientists have thus developed carefully optimized detergents and screening methods to handle this dilemma.

During the past years, X-ray and electron crystallography of membrane proteins have provided structural insights into the mechanism of several different transporters and their interactions with lipid molecules within the bilayer. From a technical perspective there have been important advances in high-throughput screening of crystallization trials and automated imaging of membrane crystals with electron microscope. Similar happenings were also seen in software application and methods of molecular replacement and phase extension designed to facilitate the process of structure determination.

Following optimal expression, purification and crystallization of your protein(s) of interest, Creative Biostructure guarantees precise determination of the native target structure(s) with medium or high resolution. Next, based on thorough structural analysis, we also offers antibody development, drug discovery and vaccine formulation development, etc.

Creative Biostructure provides services including but not limited to:

  membrane protein expression

  membrane protein isolation

  membrane protein purification

  membrane protein crystallization

  membrane protein determination (Structure Determination and Biophysical Characterization)