Mempro™ Nanodisc for Membrane Protein Purification

Based on our advanced Mempro™ Membrane Protein platform, Creative Biostructure has established a novel Mempro™ Nanodisc platform for membrane protein studies. Our magic nanodisc technique has various advantages over the traditional methods in membrane protein purification since the nanodiscs can provide a native lipid environment. One major application of Mempro™ Nanodisc technology is membrane protein purification by our cell-free production systems.

Mempro™ Nanodisc for Membrane Protein Purification Figure 1. Membrane proteins that have been purified into nanodiscs, including CYPs, CPR, 7-TM proteins, and bacterial chemoreceptors. (Biochemistry, 2007)

The cell membrane hosts a large number of proteins that are responsible for this physiological activity. These membrane proteins are major drug targets and have been the focus of extensive research over the years. Typically they have hydrophilic domains that reside in the aqueous environment within or outside a cell, as well as hydrophobic regions within the bilayer that anchor them to the cell membrane but also make them difficult to express and purify. This difficulty has resulted in the development of various membrane mimetic techniques that strive to incorporate membrane proteins into lipid environments in order to maintain the folding and function of the target protein while still producing a robust and simple system.

Mempro™ Nanodisc technology provides nanoscale membrane mimetics which are effective for membrane protein purification because they are composed of small discs of lipid bilayer (~10 nm in diameter) stabilized and rendered aqueous soluble by an amphipathic protein around the outer edge of the hydrophobic acyl chains. Nanodisc are water soluble, small enough to contain a protein in its monomeric form, provide a native-like environment for the protein and are stable and easy to produce. Additionally, as discs, they are accessible from both sides without a closed interior. Nanodisc have proven to be an excellent membrane mimetic and solution to the difficulties of working with membrane proteins. By carefully controlling the molar ratios of the target membrane proteins in relationship to the ratio of MSP molecules and lipids, Creative Biostructure is enable to assemble nanodiscs containing different oligomeric states of custom membrane proteins.

Mempro™ Nanodisc platform has been applied on a lot of membrane protein research fields including but not limited to membrane protein purification as the related sections shown. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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For research use only. Not intended for diagnostic, therapeutic or any clinical use.

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