Mempro™ Liposome Preparation by Sonication

Creative Biostructure has committed to the liposome research and development in recent years, and we have developed a comprehensive Mempro™ Liposome platform to provide high-quality products and the best services to our worldwide clients. Liposome preparation services are the core part of Mempro™ Liposome Technology. Among various advanced techniques, sonication method is widely used to produce custom liposomes.

Figure 1. TEM images of liposomes prepared by extrusion (a) and sonication (b). (M. M. Lapinski, et al., 2007)Figure 1. TEM images of liposomes prepared by extrusion (a) and sonication (b). (M. M. Lapinski, et al., 2007)

In sonication system, the sample should not to be heated above the phase transition temperature since the high energy input. High-intensity sonication is based on the propagation of sound waves with frequencies between 16 and several hundred kHz through an aqueous dispersion of polar lipids. More...

Figure 2. Two types of sonication to prepare liposomesFigure 2. Two types of sonication to prepare liposomes

Liposome preparation by sonication or extrusion shows different advantages depended on the application of liposome. More...

Figure 3. Comparison of Sonication and ExtrusionFigure 3. Comparison of Sonication and Extrusion

Besides sonication method, Creative Biostructure also provides various methods such as thin-film, freeze-thawing, extrusion, freeze-drying rehydration, and reverse phase evaporation to produce custom liposomes based on Mempro™ Liposome Technology. Creative Biostructure is the most professional and reliable partner to facilitate your liposome research. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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